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Sondheim Review / Author / Journalist - Paul Salsini

Paul starts out as a accomplished journalist at the Milwuakee Journal for 37 years and then his intuition directs him to write fiction. During this time he is fascinated with Broadway legdend Stephen Sondheim and his creating Broadway musicals. Paul then chooses to write a review about Sondheim and his work what comes of this is a historial moment in his lifes work.

► Sondheim & Me: Revealing a Musical Genius https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09VCMKZCZ
► A Tuscan Series: A sweeping narrative from World War II http://www.atuscanseries.com

00:00 Preview
00:59 Early Life
03:17 Journalism Career
09:13 What is something that changed your views in life?
10:23 Inspiration for writing ten books
16:01 Meeting Stephen Sondheim
23:45 What would your billboard say?
24:29 Best compliment you ever received?
24:52 What is your favorite part of the writing process?
27:52 How would you like to leave your mark?
29:25 How has writing influenced your growth as a person?

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