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Social Worker / Wellness House - Jill Otto

In this video, I interview Jill Otto, social worker at the Wellness House. Jill discusses how breast cancer diagnosis can impact a person's wellness and how the Wellness House can help.

If you are a woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, this video is for you. Jill discusses how breast cancer diagnosis can impact your life, your relationships, and your well-being. The Wellness House is a place where patients and their families can receive emotional and physical support while they are undergoing treatment.
Jill's childhood and youth experiences carver her into the person she is today. Her journey to Wellness House and how she's evolved into the cargiver she is today to others with experiences simliar to hers.

► Wellness House offers complete cancer wellness support every step of the way — for you and your loved ones. Located in Hinsdale, Illinois, but many of its programs are available nationwide. Visit their website for more information, including orientation sessions available both online and in-person. https://wellnesshouse.org

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00:53 Early Life
05:07 Studying Psychology in College
06:51 Social Work
12:22 Motherhood
14:04 Wellness Center and Breast Cancer Diagnosis
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27:05 Connect with Jill

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