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Parenting Childhood Cancer - JahVelle and TeAndra Rhone

A routine day of home schooling in the Rhone house and Layla is missing. When JahVelle goes to see what the problem is Layla complains of hip pain and has a fever, with odd symptoms off to the hospital they go Layla's scan shows a mass tumor and internal bleeding and doesn't return home.

00:00 Intro
02:02 JahVelle's Childhood
04:14 Musical Household
06:46 Band Drum Major
07:44 College
08:36 Marriage
09:35 Fatherhood
11:18 Warning signs of Layla's Kidney Cancer
12:50 The hospital
17:27 Diagnosis and Treatment
18:35 Remission and Follow-up care
19:26 Reflection on experience
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