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Pancreatitis Cancer - Jay DeSantis

Jay grows up in a typical mid-west culture playing hockey and his parents running a family business his world changes dramatically when his parents divorce and not soon after his brother commits suicide. Jay fighting to keep his life in order experiences pain so unbearable he goes to the hospital and is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

00:00 Intro
01:02 Childhood
03:57 Hockey Player
05:28 The Loss of a Brother
08:34 The Warning Signs of Cancer
11:39 First Thoughts After Receiving Diagnosis
12:35 Twelve Months To Live
15:22 Starting Chemo
18:31 Finding A Doctor To Perform The Surgery
23:17 The Surgery
26:54 In Remission: Life After Cancer
29:39 How Will You Leave Your Mark?
30:57 Closing
31:28 Outro

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