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Family Tragedy / Suicide - Joey Dumont

Joey tells of his life's trials from his father's narcissistic abuse and his brother's suicide. He shares with Vince what he did to find a way out of the madness of his mind and addictions. Joey is a podcaster, coach, and author.

► Website: https://www.joeydumont.com
► Podcast: True Thirty (Laugh Your Cry Out) with Joey Dumont https://www.joeydumont.com/podcast
► Podcast: Dax Shepard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cFZtYOx2hA
► Book: Joey Somebody: The Life and Times of a Recovering Douchebag https://www.amazon.com/Joey-Somebody-Times-Recovering-Douchebag-ebook/dp/B091JMDDNF
► Book: Autobiography of Yogi https://www.amazon.com/Autobiography-of-Yogi-Ben-Kingsley-audiobook/dp/B0006IU7LS
► Author: Anthony de Mello https://www.amazon.com/Anthony-de-Mello/e/B00OY4Y2Q6
► Author: Alan Watson https://www.amazon.com/kindle-dbs/entity/author/B001HPMBK4

00:00 Preview
01:11 Self-Described Douchebag
04:40 Episodic Depression
06:35 Rock Climbing
09:46 Inspiring books
12:49 Back to Corporate America
13:51 Brother's Suicide: Struggles with Addiction and Abuse
19:53 Being present and removing distractions
21:24 Recovering from tragedy
26:24 Writing a memoir
38:25 Normalizing discussions around depression and anxiety
46:04 How will you leave your mark?
47:17 Connect with Joey

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