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CEO / Going Deep - Aaron Watson

Aaron is a very smart and intuitive young man. He recognizes a niche online to help others present their business and its offering using video. He is no non-sense and ready to show you how.

► Attend Aaron's DIY Effective Video Marketing Workshop happening in Pittsburgh next week on October 19th https://www.pghtech.org/events/DIYEffective
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► @Aaron Watson Business & Investing
► Listen to Aaron's Going Deep Podcast https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8REcAy3zwEBy3JcZA8a9XJRA8q4inRlb

00:00 Preview
00:25 Intro
00:51 Early Life
01:35 Ultimate Frisbee Champion
03:24 Pitt Grad - Political Science and Economics
05:25 First Job: Finance & Sales
07:07 Exposure to Technology
08:27 Importance of YouTube
11:23 Origins of Piper Creative
14:39 Importance of Marketing and Sales
19:42 Tap Into Underrated Talent: 15-23 Year Olds
25:11 Where will Piper Creative be in 3 years
27:55 Recording Equipment
29:26 What it is like to work with Piper Creative
34:28 How will you Leave Your Mark?
35:58 Outro

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